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We fix all kind of PCs and Laptops

We fix all kind of PCs and Laptops

Our Services

Replace Laptop Screen

Broken or defective laptop screen? We can replace it!
We also work on broken laptop touchscreens.

Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement

Is your PC no longer seeing its hard drive, or are you running out of space? We can replace or upgrade your hard drive.

Keyboard Replacement

We work on all laptop keyboards to replace broken or defective keys.

Battery Replacement

We replace laptop batteries to give your laptop new life!

Power Supply Replacement

We replace power supplies on both desktop and laptop computers. We can even replace laptop power supplies that need soldering work.

Wi-Fi Card Replacement

We can replace the Wi-Fi chip or card in your laptop if your WIFI is no longer working.

Virus Removal

Does your PC run slowly or have malware popups? We can remove viruses or malware.
OS Reinstall or Upgrade
Want to make your computer brand-new again? We can reinstall Windows for you, or upgrade Windows if you buy a new Windows license.

Data Transfer

We can move all your documents, contacts, pictures, and email from your old computer to your new one.

Data Recovery

Need help recovering data from a failed thumb drive, external drive, or hard drive? Trust 1Up Repairs for a less expensive, local data recovery solution.

Driver Updates

If error messages are popping up or new drivers that you installed are failing, we can fix the issue.

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